Fee Structure
There are no contracts. Fees are paid on a monthly basis. The first class is FREE.
Afterwards, you must pay for the full or remaining portion of the month.

Training fees for 1 person
$40 per month

Training fees for 2 family members
$75 per month

Training fees for 3 family members
$100 per month

Training fees for 4 family members
$125 per month

New Student Special
(two months training, free uniform,and membership to the Int'l Chayon Ryu Association)

Membership to the Int'l Chayon Ryu Assoc.
$15 (One time fee)

Contact Us
Please do not hesitate to contsct us if you have any questions or conecerns. Please click here.


We are conveniently located on 1801 Rouse Rd, Orlando, at the Spirit of Joy Church. We have been in operation since 1985. Very few martial art schools can make this statement. We plan on staying around much longer too. Click on the map below to get driving directions.


Class Schedule

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays – 7 pm to 8:30 pm


Traditionally, Mondays are normally days dedicated to the study of forms (kata). Tuesday nights is self-defense night and Thursday is set aside for sparring. Since many of our students are adults who have unusual work shifts, we do change this order to make it easier for everyone to receive required training. All rank levels train simultaneously. Because of the nature of our training, children under the age of 9 will not be accepted. There is no maximum age. If you are able to participate in normal, everyday activities, Chayon Ryu is right for you. The first class is free. This allows you to evaluate what is being made available to you.

Come in for a Free Class and Introduction!