A new approach to teaching classical
Martial Arts in Orlando, Florida

Central Florida Chayon Ryu is a traditional martial arts school located in Orlando, Florida.  Chayon Ryu, which means “Natural Way”, is based on the natural movements found within each of its parent martial arts styles and simple everyday human motions. Among the martial arts styles found within Chayon Ryu training are Chinese Chu’an Fa, Okinawan Karate, Korean Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido.

At Central Florida Chayon Ryu we pride ourselves in offering quality traditional martial arts training, at the most competitive prices in the Greater Orlando Area.

No Contracts: Central Florida Chayon Ryu Martial Arts is fortunate to be in a position where we do not require contracts.

No Nonsense: Chayon Ryu recognizes 10 ranks to Black Belt and 10 ranks of Black Belt. We do not have intermediate steps that sometimes have 3 or 4 stripes before going on to the next rank. This method of adding intermediate levels within a particular grade or level is a way of making more money by requiring the student to test for each stripe, thereby increasing the income made on any belt level.

No Gimmicks: Traditional Martial Arts is what we do. We do not adorn ourselves with fancy, multicolored uniforms and patches everywhere that feed one’s ego. The traditional uniform with the System and School patch is all we need. It is not the uniform that makes for good martial arts… it is the training.

Here Today, Here Tomorrow: Central Florida Chayon Ryu has been in operation since 1985 and has been in the same location since that time. Very few martial art schools can make this statement. We plan on staying around much longer too!

Not Sport, Tournament, or Championship Karate: Chayon Ryu’s focus is on self-improvement, awareness and the ability to defend yourself or loved ones. Unlike sport karate, it is a life style martial art that is suitable for all ages, not just the young.