Q. How much does it cost to train at Chayon Ryu Marial Arts?

A. Cost for martial arts training should never be the deciding factor as to where you wish to train. But, to answer the question, our fee is $40.00 per month. There are other costs involved upon joining a martial arts school such as a uniform, patches, sparring gear, etc. These are usually offered at a steep discount from retail, saving money for our members.

We offer a special start-up package, which includes 2 months of training, a uniform, patches, and membership into the Chayon Ryu system for $100.00. Ask any instructor for details.


Q. Virtually all martial arts schools require a contract. Why don’t you?

A. Each of our instructors has a primary career which provides income. None of our instructors get paid for teaching marital arts. We teach because we enjoy helping our students fulfill their potential.

Our martial arts school is in the East Orange Community Center. A portion of the monthly fees we charge go to the Center to provide assistance to others not as fortunate as us. Since our expenses remain, nominal, we don’t need to lock our students into a financial contract to insure income.

Q. What is involved in martial arts training?

A. Our system combines techniques from Okinawan Karate, Chinese Chu’fa Kung Fu, Korean Tae Kwon Do, and Hapkido. Techniques from each of these disciplines are taught in self defense scenarios and individual forms. These techniques are then honed and practiced during sparring exercises.

A typical class consists of initial warm-ups and line drills, with the remainder of class focused on self defense practice, forms practice, or sparring. We also include classes involving stretching and cardio-vascular exercise. Class will end with final warm-down exercises.

Our schedules rotate so those who are unable to attend on certain days can receive still varied training. Schedules are posted on our website.

Q. What does “Chayon Ryu” mean?

A. Chayon Ryu means the “Natural Way”. Our system is based on the natural movements of the human body, so our training lessens the chance of injury to our students. We train not only for self defense, but also to improve health and physical fitness.

Q. How long does it take to get to Black Belt?

A. There are many factors that determine when one achieves Black Belt status. Our curriculum specifies a minimum number of classes to attend before promotion to each rank level. The minimum time from White Belt to Black Belt is 4 years of continuous practice. This does not mean one can never miss a class or take any time off. We all have busy lives and may sometimes be taken away from martial arts.

The key to success is consistent training to retain training. Attaining a Black Belt may take longer, if one spends more time away from training.

Q. Why does it take so long to get to Black Belt?

A. This is a typical question in a time of fast food, ATMs, and instant messaging. Everyone wants it NOW! For our school, receiving a Black Belt is not unlike receiving a college degree, which is earned through hard work and perseverance. The Chayon Ryu Martial Arts School is no different. The curriculum is full of challenges that require intense training to learn several difficult martial arts forms and techniques.

Much like an athlete who constantly practices to better his abilities, we continue to train to better our technique, timing, and focus. We consider 4 years to be the minimum to attain Black Belt status because anything less would be insufficient.

Yes, there are schools that offer a Black Belt for less than a year of training. Our belief is thus: if you want a Black Belt within such a short period of time, you should go to a martial arts supply store and buy one. It will be worth about as much in value, and you’ll save lots of money! You cannot replace time and training with a piece of cloth called a Black Belt.

It is the training, not the uniform or the belt, that defines the martial artist.

Q. Why don’t you compete in any tournaments?

A. Our focus is now on self-defense for real world situations. Martial arts skill used to defend one’s life is quite different from that used to attain “points” in a tournament. We believe that the end result of martial arts training is not in getting a trophy, but in getting home alive.

Q. Why do you not accept children below the age of 9?

A. Unlike most of the commercial martial arts schools in Orlando, Central Florida Chayon Ryu does not focus on sport or tournament karate. Our techniques come from the Grandmasters before us and take sincere study to learn. The self defense we teach can hurt one quite easily. Because of the seriousness of our program, we have found that children under the age of 9 are more suited for schools that cater to younger children.

Also, many younger children think of martial arts as a game, and view training as a type of play. This becomes a distraction for other students who have come to learn. Our training is both serious, and intensive, and is more suited for older children and adults.

Q. What is the Do Jang Hun?

A. The Do Jang Hun is our Training Oath, and is recited before and after class and reminds us to improve ourselves:

Seek perfection of character

Live the way of Truth


Be Faithful

Respect others

Refrain from violent behavior

Q. How long has your school been established?

A. We have been place in the same location since July 22, 1985.

Q. How can I get more information?

A. You may contact us at 407-953-8876, or contact us with any question. We look forward to speaking with you.